Through the variety and depth of Junior Achievement high school programs, students gain a practical perspective of handling their finances, understanding the economy, and managing their future educational and career choices.

Students participate in hands-on interactive programs where they practice important business concepts, such as forming companies or competing with each other in a computerized economy. We provide all the course materials, which are given at no cost to the teacher or volunteer.



209 Schools

130,872Students Reached


JA Be EntrepreneurialJA Be Entrepreneurial
The program focuses on challenging students through interactive classroom activities to start their own entrepreneurial venture while still in high school.

JA Career SuccessJA Career Success
A Career Success equips students with the tools and skills required to get and keep a job in high-growth career industries.

JA Company ProgramJA Company Program
By organizing and operating an actual business enterprise, students not only learn how businesses function, they also learn about the structure of the U.S. free enterprise system and the benefits it provides.

JA EconomicsJA Economics
The program reinforces concepts of micro- and macro- economics by having students explore the basic characteristics of the U.S. economic system, and how economic principles influence business decisions.

Sample VT Cover.inddJA Exploring Economics
Students foster lifelong skills and knowledge about how the economy works, including micro, macro, personal and international economics.

JA Finance ParkJA Finance Park Online
Students become an adult for the day and immerse themselves in a reality-based decision-making process addressing aspects of individual family budgeting including housing, transportation, food, utilities, healthcare, investments, philanthropy and banking.

JA Latino Outreach
The purpose of the JA Hispanic Initiative is to inspire and prepare Hispanic students with the tools and knowledge they will need succeed, while increasing the number of Hispanic volunteer role-models providing these students with JA programs.

JA Job ShadowJA Job Shadow 
The program takes students into the workplace to learn about careers.

JA Personal FinanceJA Personal Finance
The program recognizes the fundamental elements of their personal finances: earnings, saving and investing, budgeting, credit, risk management, and giving.

JA Student Scholarships
JA awards thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards to exceptional students who have participated in our programs.

JA TitanJA Titan
Students operate a virtual company and gain a real-world understanding of the effect management decisions have on a company’s bottom line

JA You’re Hired!
The program provides students with an inside look into the workforce, networking, and interviewing process. The 2015 event is TBA.